Monday, May 13, 2002


The neon lights are burning my eyes. Oh what I wouldn't give for a dimmed, possibly colored light instead of these abominable worms of fluorescent gas. It is bad enough the radiation is doing wonders on the way of destroying my retinas, I don't need even more irritation to the poor little white spheres which decorate the two empty holes in my skull. And if that weren't bad enough, I have about 10 other lights blazing in my eyes if I dare to glance out the windows. Those sickly orange colored lights, made so orange for god knows what reason (I'm sure there is one), maybe to annoy the hell out of anyone watching them. Ah.. but that is not all. I have, staring right in front of my face, a red-laser barcode scanner. With a little white writing on the bottom stating: "avoid exposure - laser light emitted from this aperture" - well THANKS!
Compared to all this, when morning comes and the sun rises (right in my face I might add), I am brought to tears at the sight of natural light. The joy of the UV light brightening up the streets with its blue-ish tint, and seeing those abominable orange incarnations of Satan itself one by one shutting their eyelids is beyond comprehension. That is why I sleep with the blinds open. It doesn't bother me anymore. I used to hate it. Now, I accept it. It is funny how one only appreciates what they have once they lost possession of it.
Added to this, someone was smart enough to tint my windows. This, as far as I can see, has no effect on light coming in from the outside, but it does turn the windows all around me into a sort of mirrors. This creates a reflection effect, but only of whatever is lit the brightest by the aforementioned neon lights. This would be everything that's bright colored and on top. It casts rather peculiar shadows on my reflection in the window, giving it a more defined chin and jaw, which I consider a very good thing. The jaw, for a man, is aesthetically pleasing by today's Hollywood standards. The more pronounced and defined the jaw (including the whole bone structure from the bottom of one ear, to the chin and to the bottom of the other ear) the better the person will appear. Of course, this is just a side note since this is not a text about physical aesthetics but rather about light.

These so called mirror-windows have another interesting property. Like most windows having contact with the outside in a cold country such as this, these prove to be thick and double windows (so as to withstand the cold temperature, wind, snow, rain, etc..). Since they are double, and as such distanced from each other by a centimeter or two (or so it seems), they reflect everything in them with a double reflection, slightly translated horizontally, which gives everything that is reflected a slightly wider reflection (horizontally). It was a little disconcerting at first, when I observed my head slightly 'fatter' than what I've come to recognize it. Then I noticed I had 4 nostrils and I understood the visual illusion.

With the last sparkle of intelligent conversation in my eyes, I breathe deeply, inhaling the cold mountain air making its way through the open window. I decide I've exhausted my writing abilities for the night, I should give my eyes a rest, and so, I take my hands down, and stop writing.

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