Friday, February 22, 2002

With a blank paper

With a blank paper,
and a single note.
A single thought
an empty mind
I sit and look,
And wonder why?

As the rain falls,
and I with it.
A single tear
drowns in a lake.
Forever dried,
Forever died.

Is this eternity?
Is it your destiny?
Have I forgotten why?
Have you remembered how?
Do I trust?
Do you think you must?

And in suspended animation,
like air in an ice cube
My thoughts remain frozen
focused on escaping.
Realizing once they are free
They shall cease to exist.

And I wash my face,
of what is not there.
And as my eyes reopen
it is still absent.
And I close them again,
until it is there.

And you smile insincerely
Let them believe you understand
Make it comfortable,
at the expense of truth
Make you comfortable,
at the expense of possibility

Are these times different?
Are the signs right?
Does it make a difference?
Would that make it right?
What is this apparition?
Is it out of your sight?

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