Friday, August 17, 2001

Hidden Noises

Like a snake of ice you crawl in my veins,
I smile and wonder why do I care.
Sitting in my throne of forever being distant,
yet always closer than ever, I wonder why do I dare.

And like wind the soft scent of summer drifts away
giving way to autumn and what he has to say.
And I tell you always,
why this is not so,
and I tell you always
why you should be there.

Like a sleepwalker I try
to wake up from my dream,
surrender to the never
of a never-ending stream.

Heart beats like a rabbits'
being chased by starved dogs,
yet the mind is in a haze
as to why he should escape.

Seeing as a clear blue sky
is the cloudy afternoon,
of the midnight
of the sorrow
of the morning
and the moon.

And I still ponder
to the light of candles
and the sounds of thousand rivers
flowing from the bottom
of an endless cry.

Who is this upon my window,
is that you dried-up mosquito,
come to suck my sorrow dry,
or perhaps it is my conscience
like a cheerful butterfly?

Walk around and do not listen,
sit right there and hear me scream,
don't you dare confuse my pathway,
don't you try to steal my dream.
And then, a sudden, beaming light
of blue and green,
pulsating throughout my chamber,
reminding me of that same dream.

Spinning like a maddened siren,
flashing lightning and bolts of fire,
flying halos -
again I scream.

Sounds and whispers -
hidden noises;
footsteps, cries,
forbidden places,
wonder why I hear this hymn.

"Save us father, we have sinned!"
"Go away! Ungrateful children"
said he sporting his demonic grin.

But again the heartbeat lowered,
vision cleared and bloodstains wiped,
sounds will mute to say goodnight
and again starve for your presence,
die to see it slip away.

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